Will you restock the items which are out of stock?

Where can I get the out of stock items?


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Not all the out of stock items will be restocked in the future. But we often update the product availability information on our social media accounts: 




You also can get updates by:

1. Subscribing our emails to keep updated. Emails we sending include the promotion information, new arrivals, hot sale items recommendations and etc.

2. Sending us the product link or the full name of the product your want to buy online, or leaving us messages by creating a ticket. We will get back to you as soon as we see your messages.

What kind of out of stock items might be restocked?

1. Some hot sale preorder items might be available for preorder again, but the processing time will be at least one month longer than the first batch of preorders.

2. Since Lolita fashion is a slow fashion, so some dresses might be available for preorder the next year with more color options, some small changes, more style options and so on. 

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