What are OP / JSK / KC and etc. stand for on your website?


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OP — Short for "One-piece", a one-piece lolita dress with sleeves. The sleeves could be short or long.

JSK — "Jumperskirt", a sleeveless dress with straps. Usually paired with a blouse underneath.

SK — Short for "skirt".

Overall Dress — An overall dress is a dress with a bib and adjustable shoulder straps wear crisscrossed at back.

Underskirt – Used under dresses/skirts to add details or extra length to the hem of your dress or skirt. An underskirt will not add the required volume like a petticoat. Usually are not suitable for wearing alone, but there are some indie brands that will make the design to be able to wear alone.

Bloomers — Shorts designed to be worn with a petticoat, or under skirts. Lolitas use them for modesty or warmth sometimes. It should not be visible naturally, though there are exceptions to this.

KC — Short for "Kachusha/Katyusha". A headband with a bow on it. A headpiece was first known as the Kachusha/Katyusha head bows in the Taisho period of Japan.

Petticoat — Used under dresses/skirts to gain the poofy Lolita silhouette. There are mainly two types of petticoats: Tulle petticoats and Fishbone petticoats.

Sax — Comes from the term "Saxon blue", which is similar to light blue. A dye made by dissolving indigo in sulfuric acid.

More information, please read here: https://www.devilinspired.com/blog/Lolitas-Must-Know-Lolita-Fashion-Knowledge/new-to-lolita-fashion-check-this-lolita-fashion-glossary.html

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