What is Pre-order?


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In Lolita Fashion, Pre-order is an often used sale tool that let Lolita indie brands or stores to charge customers a deposit or the full payment to presale dresses. So that the brands or stores can make the dresses according to the order quantity.

As you know Lolita Fashion is a niche subculture from Japan, for the small lolita brands, presale is the perfect way to control the costs. And the designers use this method to check out whether their new designs are able to have enough orders to put into production.

The pre-order items in our store are all full payment. You only need to pay once (including the shipping cost) for those pre-order items on Devilinspired. And all that left for you is to wait patiently, we'll send the shipping notice to the customers' e-mail (the one you used to placing your order) before shipping. We will also update the latest order information to you through [email protected]

Will the dresses I received exactly the same as the pictures?

Fabric pieces will be cut, sewn, and made according to the original paper pattern sample. And the brands will do quality control after the dress is made. So the dress you order will be exactly the same as the picture.

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